Polyurea Coating Systems

Polyurea is a seamless, durable and chemically resistant ‘liner’ that is sprayed in to place. It’s popularity in well pad containment continues to grow with the most common Polyurea Applicationapplication being well head cellars, where it prevent leaks due to cracks and/or corrosion. Polyurea spray applications are also becoming increasingly popular for the fortification and/or refurbishment of storage tanks. Sprayed polyurea applied to the interior and exterior of above-ground and underground storage tanks can prolong tank life substantially.

Other Sprayed Polyurea applications include:
– Pipe Coatings & Linings
– Tank Coatings & Linings
– Fuel Storage & Containment
– Spray Molding

B&E is highly proficient in all sprayed polyurea applications, including well head cellars. Our expert crews deliver the industry’s highest quality service.

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