Oil and Gas Services

Federal and state environmental regulations, as well as industry best-practices, stipulate protection of nearby and underlying soils and water from natural gas exploration activities. Operators are required to develop fluid containment strategies for drilling, completions and production. While these can vary between producers and sites, there are several common applications; B&E services them all.

Primary Containment: This application generally consists of a containment liner or “barrier” product that is placed on the majority of the well pad site. B&E is highly knowledgable on the design, layout and installation of primary liners. B&E’s wide range of liner products and proficient installation crews deliver the most diverse and effective set of solutions in the industry.

Secondary Containment: These applications typically consist of supplemental barrier systems installed in high-traffic and/or environmentally sensitive areas of the well pad. Common examples include frac tank batteries and fuel tanks. Secondary containments usually include “berms” that create fluid containment capacity and/or an elevated barrier that is resilient to traffic. B&E provides the industry’s widest array of secondary containment products and services, including prefabricated and custom builds.

Containment Products: B&E is expert in the selection and installation of most containment products in use today. We advise new and established operators on material specifications, properties, performance and cost. We are also a distributor/reseller of many common products–liner, felt, prefabricated products and ancillary materials.

Roustabout Services: B&E has the ability to supply labor for any size of a job in the Oil and Gas Field.  Whether it be for the installation of Big Switch® erosion and filtration sock along pipelines and around well pads, skid steer or mini excavator services, pressure wash services, or man power, we have you covered!

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